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Nana, aged 30, does everything she can to look after her husband Ibrahim and their children. Every morning she wakes up at 6am, prays and greets her in-laws.

Nana goes to work grinding millet for wealthy people in the village. She also collects firewood in the forest. Her husband goes from village to village teaching the Quran (religious text) to children.

Nana and her family survive on millet mixed with another plant, sorghum. They used to have cow’s milk too, but it’s been scarce. Families in parts of Niger are struggling with a third less food and money than is necessary to survive. Due to poor crops and rising food prices, millions are going hungry.

In 2012, Save the Children’s work reached a quarter of a million people in Niger like Nana and her family. We supported 118 health posts, 37 health centres and two hospitals. In just six months, Save the Children treated 13,000 malnourished children.

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Every day millions of families in extreme poverty struggle to survive. We’re working in the poorest parts of the world help the families increase their incomes and give their children a better future.

thumbnail harira and chaibou

Chaibou needs to leave his wife

Harira and Chaibou make their money collecting sticks and straw to sell. They are one of the poorest families in their village in the Maradi region of Niger.

Niger | Africa

thumbnail the ugly truth about hunger

A mother’s search for food

Nana has given birth to six daughters, but has only two left. Four of her children died as a result of poverty, malnourishment and disease.

Niger | Africa