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More than 110,000 children were forced from their home in renewed fighting in Idlib, Syria. Our rapid response team worked with our local Syrian partner organisations Shafak, Violet and Syria Relief, to distribute emergency kits, food rations and cash for life essentials to families newly displaced with the fighting.

Read the story of one seven-year-old girl who has only known war for her entire life.

By the end of February 2018, in just two months, more than 26,000 children had fled violence in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With your support we provided child protection and education support, including safe spaces for children to play and receive psychosocial support, and made sure children who arrived alone were supported in foster families and had the basics such as food, soap and clothes.

As the world marked the 7th anniversary of the war in Syria, the besieged area of Eastern Ghouta haunted our news screens. Thanks to you, our Save the Children partner on the ground was able to deliver blankets and warm clothing to hundreds of trapped residents.

In late April, the first rains of the monsoon season hit Bangladesh, bringing with them an increased threat of landslides and flooding in the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar. Your support helped us to prepare families with shelter kits, and to put in place critical protection measures to keep children safe in the event of separation during flooding.

Save the Children's Daphnee Cook wrote about what it was like to work in the flooded refugee camps in this riveting blog post.

Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by a rare cyclone in Somalia – this after five years of drought which has caused widespread food shortages. You helped us to provide logistical support, water and sanitation services, mobile health clinics and cash transfers, to help people cope in the aftermath.

Half of all children globally – over 1.2 billion – are threatened by conflict, widespread poverty or discrimination against girls. With you by our side, we continue to call on governments to do more to protect, support and give all children a chance for a better future.

In August, we marked one year since violence in Myanmar forced around 700,000 Rohingya people to flee their homes and villages. Since that time, you’ve helped provide some 350,000 Rohingya children with shelter, healthcare & nutrition programmes, as well as access to education and psycho-social services. Check out Nur’s story – he saw his mother murdered and his father dragged away while his village burned around him.

After the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami, thanks to your generosity, we were one of the first NGOs to respond to help families - reaching more than 16,000 people in the first days. As well as delivering items such as shelter kits, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, and conducting water trucking activities, we also set up child friendly spaces and traced and reunited separated families. Check out this video of Tuti and her friends unboxing a hygiene kit.

We marked International Day of the Girl by highlighting new research that found that if all girls completed secondary school, more than 50 million child marriages could be prevented – and we called to governments to step up efforts to put in place plans to give girls full access to health and protection.

As the year drew to an end, we released new research which showed that some 85,000 children had died from starvation since the start of the war in Yemen. With your support, since May 2015, we’ve reached more than 2 million children with life-saving assistance to prevent such tragedies but millions are still at risk as the country remains on the brink of famine.