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Sarita, a girl with an infectious smile, felt all her joy and laughter drain away as she looked at the crushed remains of her school.

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Know Your Rights

The United Nations Convention on the rights of a child affirms that anyone under the age of 18 has the right to know about their rights and responsibilities. But think about this for a minute. How do we learn about these rights? Who teaches us about our r

New Zealand | Oceania


One Wish for the World

My name is Jayden van Leeuwen, and I have had the honour of being a coordinator of Save the Children’s “One Wish” campaign.

New Zealand | Oceania

Feiy in front of his class

Prepared for Anything

Mat Soeu Feiy, a teacher and father, reflects on the changes he has seen since Save the Children began working in his school and community.

Cambodia | Asia


Red Sky at Night

Many people in Koh Kong Cambodia have seen their share of tragedy as a result of the frequent storms that batter the villages. For 58-year-old Sun Sokhen, the worst storm came in 2000, when her grandson was swept out to sea during a massive sea surge.

Cambodia | Asia


More Mangroves, Fewer Disasters.

For villagers trying to make a living in Koh Kong, Cambodia, their future has been looking uncertain. Frequent storms have destroyed the coastal mangroves which shelter villages - exposing residents to extreme storms, eradicating fish and marine stocks, a

Cambodia | Asia | Project Chanthy

Andrew with guys

3 Months after the Storm

It is almost a decade since my last visit to Fiji. The smells, the sights and feelings flood my senses as I arrive and remind me why this country was where I decided to pursue a career in development.

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