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Save the Children is launching a new search-and-rescue effort in the Mediterranean. The vessel will be operational from September with the aim of saving lives at sea, with facilities to rescue and accommodate approximately 300 people at a time.


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All in a year's work

Project Brave 115

And that's a wrap!

We’ve had some great results from our three-year disaster preparedness project in the Philippines that’s just finished!

Philippines | Asia

Asha frail

On the move

Four-year-old Asha among the millions of children across East Africa who are one the move, was carried in the middle of the night by her grandmother Sulekha after fearing for the frail child’s life.


On the ground with John

Save the Children staff like John Loreom are working around the world to help children caught in a hunger crisis, thanks to our supporters.

| Project East Africa Food Crisis


East Africa Food Crisis

Following a severe drought in East Africa millions of children and their families are in need of immediate assistance.


Meah's Second Chance

Meah used to keep her feelings to herself and rarely cried.

| Asia

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