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Save the Children is launching a new search-and-rescue effort in the Mediterranean. The vessel will be operational from September with the aim of saving lives at sea, with facilities to rescue and accommodate approximately 300 people at a time.


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In a land of lost children

Stigmatised from birth, the children who are born here are denied even their most basic of human rights.

Bangladesh | Asia

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Samreen is a little girl with a big dream

Samreen is ten years old and lives in a desperate situation that is hard to comprehend. She was born in Daulatdia, a brothel the size of a small town, in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh | Asia


Dark Secret

Daulatdia may look like any other slum in Bangladesh, but those who make the journey here know otherwise. This place hides a dark secret.

Bangladesh | Asia


Protecting refugees from trafficking

Over 200 Rohingya children have suffered untold traumatic experiences as they fled persecution with their families from Myanmar, hoping to get to a better place

| Asia | Project Phala

Indonesia Reading Camp 2

Huge success for children's reading

Your support is making a real difference for children by improving their reading abilities and giving them the love of learning.

Indonesia | Asia | Project Farah


The farms are flourishing in Nepal

With your support we’re helping thousands of children in Udayapur, Nepal, to escape lives of poverty.

Nepal | Asia | Project Asmita

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@SaveChildrenNZ guys I've had ten calls from a number which an internet search reveals is you. Please stop & remove me from your database.

6:58 PM - 15 Feb 2017

An outstanding keynote presentation by Ethyn and Amandie 'brought down the house' @UNICEFNZ @SaveChildrenNZ #crc…

1:24 PM - 15 Feb 2017

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